Team Leader
  • Experience

    1-3 Years
  • Salary

    3-6 Lakhs
  • Location

    Delhi-New Delhi
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Job description

1. Team Leadership: • Lead and motivate a team of individuals, providing clear direction and setting performance expectations. • Foster a positive work environment, encouraging collaboration, teamwork, and open communication. • Identify and address any conflicts or issues within the team, promoting resolution and maintaining a harmonious work atmosphere. • Provide coaching, mentoring, and professional development opportunities to enhance team members' skills and capabilities. 2. Goal Setting and Planning: • Collaborate with higher management to set team goals and objectives aligned with the organization's overall strategy. • Develop detailed plans and strategies to achieve the team's goals, ensuring effective resource allocation and utilization. • Monitor progress towards goals, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and provide regular updates and reports to management. 3. Performance Management: • Conduct regular performance evaluations for team members, providing constructive feedback and recognizing achievements. • Identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance individual and team performance. • Develop and implement performance improvement plans as necessary, addressing any performance issues or gaps. 4. Communication and Collaboration: • Facilitate effective communication within the team, ensuring that information flows smoothly and all team members are well-informed. • Collaborate with other teams, departments, or stakeholders to ensure seamless coordination and cooperation on cross-functional projects or initiatives. • Act as a liaison between the team and higher management, conveying team updates, concerns, and suggestions as necessary.
Team Leader
Communication Skills, Leadership Skills
Functional Area
Employment Type
Full Time
No Formal Education
Job Type
Work From Office

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Team Leader – Store Quiz

10 Minutes

About Company

We are a global matchmaking service predominantly providing matchmaking services for Indians in UK, USA, Canada and Australia. With continuous growth and success across the globe, we are seeking a Team Leader to join our Delhi office.

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